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Interview with Devon Sherer

Interview with Devon Sherer
Tell us who you are?
I'm a Capricorn who enjoys wearing loud colors, eating dessert, being on the internet too much, and cats. It was interesting becoming a mother during the pandemic because I still feel like I havent been able to explore my identity as a mom. When I leave the house I'm the old Devon since I usually am by myself. 
When I am with Chloe, I feel like an imposter because I havent had many outings with her. We've been trying to keep her home as much as possible or when she does go out my husband takes her to give me a break. I've done mommy and me tea with her and a few shopping trips but it feels strange to be a mom outside the house. Im still getting to known mom Devon but I've been incredibly proud of her.
What do you enjoy the most about being a Mother? 
i love seeing her learn things. When her little face lights up because something connects in her brain. Also her pure affection. Nothing like having someone saying "I like your face as she gently caress your hair after she touched a public toilet seat. 
How has being a parent changed your relationship to your career? 
Since i work from home, she helps me stop and enjoy life even if I don't want to. Im very thankful I can be there for her and to have seen her grow so much. I never wanted to be a stay at home mom before Chloe but after having her, im wondering why im spending so much of my energy at a job that isn't as rewarding as being with her. It really made me think about what I truly wanted and has adjust some career goals I once had. 
Has being a parent changed your personal style at all and if so how? 
When I was breastfeeding my style suffered because I needed to have my boobs out quickly. So many of my vintage dresses and fancy clothes did not fit that need. I lived in work out clothes and pjs for 14 months and it really affected my mental health.
Usually I overdressed for every occasion and wore loud clothing and I missed it so much. Its a little silly but it wasn't something I was prepared to lose for that long. Im very much done with breastfeeding and back to my old ways. Though occasionally I let chloe choose my outfit but she has the same wild taste that I do.
How do you personally celebrate yourself? 
i try to think of what teenage Devon would think of me. I think she would be proud and thrilled my style is still a little whacky. Oh and with dessert. 
What are you currently obsessed with? 
TikTok and all the things people are teaching / learning from it. And the fact we need to protect abortion rights fiercely now.


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